Terms of use

Thank you for using our services.

We will below guide you through our terms of use information on rules for using SeeYouThere’s services.

SeeYouThere’s service “ViSes” is a service that connects people with new people via live interactions. By accessing SeeYouThere’s services, you agree to use the service only for that purpose.

You are responsible for your failure to violate our terms or Swedish law. If you violate SeeYouThere’s terms of use or Swedish law your entire account can be suspended without prior warning. SeeYouThere can also notify the affected ISP and / or police authority if we consider the violation to be of such a nature. SeeYouThere is not responsible for the information you publish or the actions you make as a user. Therefore, we are not responsible for the way other members use the service either. As a user of SeeYouThere’s services you agree to always respect other users. As a user, you also exempt SeeYouThere from legal or financial liability for any damage or suffering arising from your use of the service.

We always aim for ViSes to be experienced at its best. Therefore, it is not permitted to use or publish the following:

  •     A rough and offensive language.
  •     Pornographic or clear sexual content.
  •     Personal attacks, racist expressions, or the like.
  •     Contact information in presentation text or photos.
  •     Communication, which is only about spreading contact 
  •     Political or religious propaganda.
  •     Presentation texts that are completely incomprehensible.
  •     Content that in some way violates Swedish law.
  •     Content in a language other than the main language (otherwise we can not control the above!)


Responsible for ViSes are SeeYouThere AB registered in Sweden. The Terms of Use apply to all web services and applications provided by SeeYouThere AB and others who work under the trademark SeeYouThere AB. By accessing and using SeeYouThere’s services, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use of the service. SeeYouThere reserves the right, however, to unilaterally change the Terms of Service at any time. SeeYouThere also reserves the right to update or alter the site as well as to interrupt or otherwise limit its use. 


The products and services marketed or provided through the website are not available to all persons everywhere. For example, products and services are not provided if SeeYouThere considers that the provision is not of benefit to the individual or if the provision would violate legislation, practice or other legal regulation.

SeeYouThere does not need to report why a product or service is not provided.

The right to use materials off the services

Material on the site may be copyrighted. This applies, for example, to images, texts, etc. It is not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or otherwise make available copyrighted material without the consent of the rights holder.

Furthermore, it is not permitted to use extracts or essential elements of the databases published by SeeYouThere without explicit consent. It is also not permitted to index the contents of the databases and to make the content searchable on another service without consent nor for private purposes.

The trademarks or other characteristics that SeeYouThere owns may not be used without the written consent of SeeYouThere. SeeYouThere’s trademarks, features or company may not be used in such a way that a search engine produces an “incorrect” match, such as meta tags or other hidden text.

SeeYouThere can take note of our users’ communications, but this information is used only internally to ensure that the service is as good as possible. For example, with the information, we can easily track members who violate our member terms. In cases where there is a suspicion of breach of Swedish law, we may also choose to let the relevant police authority review user information and communication on the site.


Linking to and from the website

SeeYouThere is not responsible for links from the website to external websites or the content or functionality of external sites. It is allowed to make “moved” links by links that move the reader to SeeYouThere’s services.

When linking, it must always be clearly stated that the material has been retrieved on SeeYouThere and the material or presentation must not be distorted or misinterpreted.

Thus, it is not allowed to make integrated links, such as links that retrieve and display the material on any other site.

Limitation of Liability

All material available through the website is primarily intended for general purposes only and does not constitute advice or recommendations. The information is not always exhaustive or updated. Errors and technical shortcomings may also occur.

SeeYouThere AB is not responsible for information and material on the service published by other end users (so-called user-generated material). In the event of errors in information or material on SeeYouThere, you should contact the SeeYouThere Support ( if you want the information or material to be corrected or removed. However, SeeYouThere AB always removes information or material that obviously violates someone else’s copyright or is criminal if SeeYouThere AB receives information about the disclosure of such information or material on the website.

SeeYouThere is entitled to publish the information that each member lists in their general profile on ViSes as well as in email mailings to other ViSes members. An individual member is not entitled to copy information that other members have posted without the respective member and ViSes permission. It is also not allowed to link to specific members’ profiles on ViSes on external web pages.

ViSes is constantly working with IT security. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that the site is free from harmful components. You are therefore requested, for your own sake, to never share your personal information through messaging systems, or to following links through private messages or download software of any kind. SeeYouThere never asks for your social security number or reaches out to you for any payment details. You have the option to purchase tickets or subscription using our service, besides that we will never ask for any personal information.

SeeYouThere is not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of our services.

Applicable law

Interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall be in accordance with Swedish law. If you have questions about the Terms of Use, please contact